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Improving quality, control, and revenues in the African tea value-chain

Inter Connect Point is a private company incorporated following registration in Uganda in August 2015 as an emerging technology company and in Rwanda in June 2017 as a Carnegie Mellon University Africa industry project research spin-off with a focus on delivering innovative solutions leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) in Africa. We are a leading research and development provider of people and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies. Our experience lies in Agri-Tech and agri-industry process automation, smart city solution design and development, and project implementations.

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We have taken the lead in Africa to innovate, manufacture, and deploy agri-industry process automation supplemental equipment and facilitated Smart City solution design, development, and implementations. Results include enhanced precision and analytics for data and controls for traffic, parking, water and electricity distribution, garbage disposal management, and smart-home and smart-village realization.

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Deriving a mastery of various contracted implementations of urban and last-mile connectivity provisions in collaboration with leading telecommunications (MTN), and Smart City Proof-of-Concepts with Global Mobile Satellite constellations via Inmarsat PLC (now Viasat) with underlying approaches using integrated ISP back-hauled services (Microwave, Satellite, Fiber).

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Our story advanced from a tea-growing family, extended research, and MVP innovations in the tea manufacturing industry, leveraged improved technical skills, and widened industry, academic, global advisory, and investment networks.

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The Tea Challenge

In Africa, the tea industry trades over 5 billion dollars per year across over 300 tea factories affecting the lives and families of over 30 million Africans.  

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Tea Processing Gap

Tea processing remains highly variable and limited by the use of hand tools by low-skilled factory workers and guided by rules of thumb.

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Legacy Production Lines

There is a limited account of the effect of legacy production lines and changing weather inside open-air factories.

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Tea Industry Tip

Tea, like fine wine, can have significantly different quality prices and the nuances in tea processing can affect the price by as much as 50% for the same grade of tea produced by similar farmers and processed at nearby factories.

Why choose Us

Our Technology

Our product offering integrates Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, proprietary hardware and software, integrated seamless long-range communications from distant tea farms to factories and provides real-time data analytics for the entire tea value-chain

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Enhanced Sensor Detection Capabilities

Delivering detection capabilities beyond the scope of human eyes, noses, or hand tools as well as analysis that drives inputs to the tea manufacturing process.

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Analytics And Beyond

With our sensors and analytics, we are driving reliability of manufacturing and processing quality irrespective of weather, improving the quality of tea produced in factories around Africa and beyond.

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Leading Reverse Engineering

We have designed a reverse engineering process for the perfect cup of tea.

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Solution Scale

Our sensors and real-time data analytics improve factory design, and energy usage, and can be expanded to improve reliability in other dynamic African agro-industries such as coffee, and cocoa.

Optimizing production quality and reliability

Leveraging our solutions to deliver increased quality and reliability means increased incomes and regularity of payments to the tens of millions of tea, coffee, and cocoa farmers and enables them to grow their way out of poverty

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Our eNose Analytics Engine

Our eNose solution is designed for the entire tea-value chain and has the capability of sensing and monitoring key elements that are required during processing. This results in increased objectivity, reliability, stability, precision, and increased revenues for tea processors from an analytical approach to tea cultivation, weathering, cutting and tearing, fermentation, preservation, storage, and sale.

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Agri-industry Solution Future

Our first customers, advisors, and team all see tremendous potential for our "eNose" innovation and analytics technology to improve the quality, control, and revenues throughout the tea industry in Africa before expanding our footprint into other product processing such as coffee and cocoa.

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Tea Processing Leapfrog

For the first time in tea processing history, our manufacturing optimization solutions are seen to bring relief to tea producers from using untraceable, inconsistent, tedious, imaginary, and yet costly tests and detects in assessing the degree of ambient tea processing conditions that lead to failure in reproducing consistent qualitative end results for the final tea product.

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Our solutions augment human and basic hand-held sensory capabilities in processing and product manufacturing

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Leading Tea Industry Research

According to our academic research and discussions with academic "eNose" and tea experts in India and other global tea processing locations, our tea production solution is the first in tea processing to have an implemented objective analytical solution supplementing expert judgment.

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Commercial Offering

From a commercialization perspective, our offering is similar to the analytics “software-as-a-service" model where we maintain our back-end solution engine and the complete IIoT and analytics system, and clients pay for installs at their outsets as well as ongoing analytics access license, so they can refine their processes.

Next generation production and management digital solutions

Inter Connect Point takes pride in having spined-off world-class engineering through academia at Carnegie Mellon University, along the path of implementing validated research projects into new forms of business solutions

Our early bootstrapping experience led us to take our best efforts to manage projects with minimum budgets through combined thought processes without compromising quality of service, and with respect to project timelines.

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Optimization and beyond

Let's ensure that there is efficient traceability, prediction, and actuation in every step of your manufacturing, mining, and operations.

  • Manage inconsistent product quality
  • Minimize product price fluctuations
  • Limit revenue losses
  • Optimize energy usage
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