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Agro-Industry Data Analytics Research

We are a private agro-industry data analytics research company operating in Africa headquartered in Rwanda. We are on a mission to build data analytics models for collection, cleaning, processing, monitoring, prediction, and activity actuation. At the end-user, we enhance data-based decisions – such as knowing when and how to increase quantity and quality, while sustainably improving return on investment. Starting out with the African Tea Industry which earns Africa over $12 billion annually from 2 million metric tons, we gather and use tea production data captured digitally second after second in real-time, to statistically offer monitoring, predictive capabilities, actuation of ambient processing, and to enable over 10 Million tea small-scale holder farmers, and over 400 tea factories in Africa to close gaps in persistent variations in tea quality, low prices, revenue uncertainties, reduce their carbon footprint, and emission challenges through energy use optimization. 

If our mission inspires you, reach out to us to discuss how you can join our growing eco-system and contribute to making this more successful, impactful, and sustainable through working with us, executing a partnership, or collaboration, or extending our research with infrastructure and logistics.
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Our digital data steps are now at the forefront to a sustainable future in agro-processing, initially focusing on the tea industry

The tea market is estimated to have about 400 factories in Africa, over 10 million smallholder tea farmers, $12 billion annual revenue, 1.5 million metric tons pa and a compound annual growth rate of 12% (~CAGR 2023-2028) according to Statista