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Project Type : Analysis

Consistent quality can improve tea farm and factory revenues by up to 50% Potential to add an additional $1.5 billion to in revenue from tea in East Africa.

Market – 10^ million tea farmers, 400^ tea factories in Africa, $12 billion market in Africa, 1.5 million metric tons pa Compound annual growth rate 12% (~CAGR 2023-2028).

=> Inconsistent tea quality
=> Price fluctuations
=> Revenue uncertainty

Premise (Why?)
=> Variable tea master skills
=> Unskilled labor with basic hand tools
=> Limited data analytics
=> Limited ability to produce consistent quality
=> Variable global consumer preferences

We offer this to tea factories similar to a “Data Analytics as a Service”
A Tea factory pays for install at the outset as well as ongoing analytics so they can refine their processing
Pricing is designed so that a tea factory and tea farmers could reap 10X the value of their investment while we still make a healthy profit
The Future: Improve factory design, energy usage, & expansion to improve reliability in other dynamic African agro-industries such as coffee, cocoa, etc.

Appreciated collaboration, mentorship & support to-date has been from Inmarsat (now Viasat) – a global mobile satellite & communications provider, and Rwanda Mountain Tea Company – Piloting with Nyabihu estate and factory – top quality producing tea factory in Africa, African Innovation Prize – Top 10 Winner 2018, Support from Carnegie Mellon University – Africa Industry Innovation Lab & Master Card Foundation – grants, research & mentorship.