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Project Type : Setups

Project Duration : Ongoing

Project Location : Nyabihu

Project Client : Rwanda Mountain Tea

During tea processing, different gas sensors including oxygen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen as key reactive elements have been considered as a single chamber to form an integrated electronic nose (eNose) for consistently determining optimum aroma and or flavor. An image sensor is introduced as an additive color model in which red, green and blue light (RGB value) monitors color patterns to ascertain the desired look. Temperature and humidity sensors are integrated to establish moisture content variations during the tea processing period.

Data from the sensors is sent over an encryption and connectivity platform mainly using the LoRa® wireless modulation for seamless long-range communications from distant tea farms to factories to enhance monitoring capabilities. A tailor-made one-stop data analytics application extracts the data via an Application Program Interface (API) and relays it for real-time monitoring through visualizations offering predictive analytics and actuation capabilities to end-user remote, stationed and mobile platforms for the entire tea value chain workspace. This ensures that there is efficient traceability, prediction, and actuation.