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Abraham Natukunda is a Co-Founder and CEO of Inter Connect Point Ltd., from its humble beginnings in mid-2017 as a technology company based in Rwanda and Uganda in Eastern Africa.

From the young age of 5, he helped to pick tea from a family farm in the western rural part of Uganda, and throughout his life, he always dreamed of using technology to improve the lives of his family and the tea-growing and processing families in their community.

Through his research at Carnegie Mellon University and its Africa campus and the Industry Innovation Lab in Rwanda, he had the pleasure to meet the other Co-Founding team, and to discover that technology could improve the production process and he set out to secure key collaborations to make his dream a reality.

He got the opportunity to learn and use technology to improve the tea production process to ensure stable and fair incomes to processors and to the pyramid bottom where the largest beneficiaries including his family and community lie; the 10’s of thousands of small-scale holder farmers.

Through this, he extended his research and built innovations in the tea industry, improved his technical skills, and widened industry, academic, and advisory networks.

It is thrilling to him that ICP today has led to crafting technology solutions to ensure that people across a multiplicity of industries can now gainfully adopt and adapt digital data innovativeness to enhance productivity, sustainability, and while earning a healthy return on investment at the farm and in processing plants.

Whenever and wherever there’s an open door, he continuously steps in and endeavors to contribute to making the world a better place by combining skillsets gained over the years from academia and industry to close gaps in business data analytics, project management, technical support, strategic planning, business consulting, information management, information technology consulting, the Internet and connectivity, user experience design (UED), and more to enterprise content management.

On a calm sunset after a chilly day, he doesn’t miss a pool game whenever he has the chance to be in his Fort Portal Tourism City 🙂